More About: Quality & Comfort

       Our Designs 
        Durability to last.  Comfort that exceeds.  An experience for your feet.
          Jukz Sports' Flip-Flops are carefully crafted right here in the USA by our partners at Okabashi (Burford Georgia). They feature superior arch support and medial support; plus a heel cup to promote proper alignment of the feet and spine. This minimizes strain on the knees, hips, and back and result in pain relief from several ailments. A toe rest prevents feet from sliding forward, allowing a more sure-footed step. Tiny reflexology-inspired massage beads are strategically placed across the foot-bed of each shoe to stimulate different areas of the sole. Finally, the patented Microplast material;  a specially formulated composite blend, includes up to 30% recycled rubber. The material is soft, flexible, non-slip, odor-resistant,  and also contains an anti-microbial agent.


            Our Commitment



          Our goal is for you and your feet to be amazed.  We are 100% confident in the level of quality and comfort provided.

          Try out our  "30 Day Test Drive"...We think you'll agree! We also proudly stand by our Two-Year Guarantee.


             Our World



          We encourage customers to return their well-worn Jukz to us or directly to the Okabashi factory for recycling.

          The manufacturing process is lean and virtually waste free. Not only do we up-cycle the ball material, such as

          basketballs, footballs, baseballs, volleyballs, softballs, and soccer balls. The scraps and returned shoes also are 

          recycled and molded during the production process. All of our flip flops and slides are 100% recyclable.


            Our Future



          We are proud to keep our workforce and manufacturing within the United States for now and into the future. 

          JUKZ' Footwear are made in the U.S.A. 

          100% Recyclable     100% Foot-friendly!