School/Sports Fundraising

Fundraising is an extra perk that most schools can apply to better benefit resources regarding uniforms, equipment and tournaments.  Jukz gives you an experience for your fan spirit.  Show pride with customized logos and a one of-a-kind shoe that will keep fans happy and ready for game day!  We have sports available ranging from Baseball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball and Basketball.  PICK YOUR SPORT AND WEAR YOUR SPORT.

Most leagues require players to participate in some sort of sports fundraiser to offset costs.  We offer a customized plan and can accommodate the organization running the fundraiser with a discounted rate for the products they wish to acquire.

Event Fundraisers

Merchandise must be purchased (ordered and paid for) ahead of time.  The individual or organization holding the event is responsible for shipping costs on all merchandise.    Your team.  Your logo.  Your sport.  Your Jukz.  It's that easy!  Whether it's a FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM or an upcoming FIFA 2017 GAMING EVENT.  WE HAVE YOU COVERED!


Jukz Backpacks and Hats for Fundraisers

Customized backpacks and hats for your team or school.  These can carry equipment and come with an interchangeable ball covering.  Please contact us at 501-260-7995 for more information regarding any of the fundraisers listed.