Winter? No problem for Jukz.

December 13, 2016

Winter is almost here and most people are lacing up their boots & sneakers to keep warm in the upcoming months. A place that tends to be overlooked during this holiday season is the indoors. Many people stock up on comfy pajamas, socks & hats to keep the utility bills down during the winter months.

Where does Jukz come into play in the winter cold? Our shoes provide a substitute to slippers & house shoes that don’t have the durability or substance to maintain comfort… no matter the conditions that the inside or outside world brings.

Taking your pet outside for a quick walk? Need to grab the mail? A thick pair of socks along with a pair of Jukz can keep you from changing shoes over-and-over again; we know this is a hassle for people with foot problems or arthritis.

We want to allow you the opportunity to wear our shoes for 30-days. We call this our 30-Day Test Drive. In that time span of 30-days – if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return and receive a full refund.

Wear shoes that can be your indoor solution for this Christmas season. Our shoes are made from REAL BALL MATERIAL. This separates us from our competitors; our REFLEXOLOGY design converts your foot into a temple of the chakra… it’s meditation for your feet. 

Bespoke this.