What is Jukz?

July 01, 2016

To the edge of the sports realm... and the first to get there. 

#Jukz and the #Summer have a lot in-common.  Both withstand the heat of the everyday routine and both are perfect places for all things sports.  Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Golf, Surfing!  What better way to walk on the beach?

Our innovative structure of REAL BALL MATERIAL AND REFLEXOLOGY provides a unique experience that focuses on the "Mind of the feet".


For thousands of years, athletes have co-existed within a world that rarely brings a boring moment.  Our feet take the ground-and-pound of walking, running, jogging, hiking and jumping.  Wouldn't it be nice to give back to the part of your body that goes the extra mile for you?  Alongside our Reflexology: Walking meditation is a positive vibration-pull that gravitates itself from the present body and moment.  Waking relieves stress and clears the way to a secure and balanced atmosphere of thoughts/emotions.  Breathing is also important during walking, deep breaths and synchronization elevates the awareness of your feet; an arched-support foot bed that covets the foot in any situation. 

At Jukz, we pride ourselves in providing a product that proceeds to giveback to the customer and durability that won't break down after long walks in the park and the wear-and-tear of everyday usage. 

Reasons to give Jukz a try!

*Our flip-flops and slides are great for you and your feet -- the Eco-friendly design will support your feet for those trips to the local game or your favorite tailgating spot!

*Made from 100% recycled ball material, such as basketballs, footballs, baseballs, volleyballs, softballs, and soccer balls. This allows for fans to truly “wear their sport,” something that no other flip-flop or slide can claim. They are also reflexology-inspired design with quality and comfort guaranteed.

*JUKZ are made in the U.S.A.  We are proud to keep our workforce and product development/manufacturing within the United States for now and into the future. 

*100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly, you're wearing actual ball material! #WEARYOURSPORT.