The 5 Points

August 06, 2016



 The first point is this... Okabashi provides a quality chassis for our REAL BALL MATERIAL.  The shoes are made right here in the U.S.A.  Buford, Georgia to be exact.  Jukz provides the unique approach of our REAL BALL MATERIAL and thus comes a blend of American Made companies such as Okabashi and Jukz.

There's no denying the patriotic emotions that stir-up during events like the Rio Olympics and the ol' American Baseball classic.  These engulf the culture of American sports and Jukz is happy to contribute to that atmosphere of stars and stripes!



Our patented design allows you to wear your favorite sport.  The comfort level for a real ball... well let's say its unbelievably comfortable... I have on a pair myself at the moment and it allows a free-vibe experience with the stability of a sneaker.

Go outside and pickup your favorite sports ball... now imagine that on your shoes... backpack and even your hat!  Jukz allows you the ability to showcase Soccer, Baseball and any other sports ball to the max!




Our flip-flops and slides are great for you and your feet -- the Eco-friendly design will support your feet for those trips to the local game or your favorite tailgating spot! Made from 100% recycled ball material.

We connect the consumer directly with the environment. Our product illustrates a green future for us all. A $40 investment saves YOU from buying multiple cheap slides or flip-flops that end up clogging our land fields and oceans. Jukz are made to last.




Using a Reflexology and arch support, these shoes showcase the definition of style and comfort. 

* In reflexology theory, points and areas on the feet, hands, and ears correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems. Practitioners access these points on the feet and hands (bottom, sides, and top) and the ear (both inside as far as the finger can reach and outside) to affect organs and systems throughout the entire body.



                                          School/Sports Fundraising                                                       

              We can customize our Jukz products with your schools logo!                        

Fundraising is an extra perk that most schools can apply to better benefit resources regarding uniforms, equipment and tournaments.  Jukz gives you an experience for your fan spirit.  Show pride with customized logos and a one of-a-kind shoe that will keep fans happy and ready for game day!  We have sports available ranging from Baseball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball and Basketball.  PICK YOUR SPORT AND WEAR YOUR SPORT.

Most leagues require players to participate in some sort of sports fundraiser to offset costs.  We offer a customized plan and can accommodate the organization running the fundraiser with a discounted rate for the products they wish to acquire.