Softball Gift

November 21, 2016

Softball is an ever growing sport.  Youth leagues attract more interest every year due to the convenience associated with softball compared to other sports.  Softball-related gear, though, is hard to find, and overall might not meet the quality you're used to for other sports like Baseball & Football.  Jukz Sports dedicates itself to Softball, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball & Soccer.  Our shoes are made from REAL SOFTBALL MATERIAL.
You might wonder...
  • Where can I get softball gear?
  • Can I get my team logo? (Custom Softball Slides & Flops are coming for 2017)
  • What's a good softball gift?
The "WOW" factor is not only the ball material designed into the shoe but also the REFLEXOLOGY that provides comfort through pressure points located on the sole.  It makes the perfect gift for any softball fan!