Don't Hold Your Breath

September 05, 2016

Thinking of buying a new pair of slides for this upcoming football and basketball season, but you're not sure which ones to get?  Don't hold your breath... There's a pair of shoes waiting for you.  Let me explain.

"The Slide is a backless and open-toed shoe."

What separates us from other Slides is we allow you the comfort & freedom to continue the journey from the sports field to your house.  Velcro is an amazing invention; overall it can be a positive attribute to the right product, slides are not one of them. 

Our Slides won't catch debris and water won't soak into the actual design of our shoes. They're made to fit your feet based on size - the chassis is made by Okabashi & holds up against the hardest terrain you can throw at it. 

Made In America is also a feature we can brag about... You'll be wearing Slides that allow you to support local jobs and businesses that thrive on the American Spirit.  Foreign companies do not design nor do they produce any of our shoes.  The actual shoe is made in Buford, Georgia at the Okabashi factory. 

The REAL BALL MATERIAL is unique only to the Jukz brand.


Is fashion important to you?  We don't flash our logo all over our shoes; we present you with YOUR TEAM & YOUR SPORT.  You should get a solid investment back from any pair of shoes you buy.  Ours is no different. 

Comfortable, Colorful, Durable, 100% Eco-friendly.

A Reflexology design that keeps your feet, legs & back feeling fresh. The logo on your pair of Jukz is a symbol of your team spirit -- the color scheme of the shoe is a vivid picture of your love for softball, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, & volleyball... all of which we make from the real ball material of each sport.

We're willing to give you a 2 year warranty on the shoe, should it tear or become unusable for any reason, let us know.  How tough are our shoes?  Check out the video below.  For $39.99 you receive an unique shoe and the backing of Jukz Sports.  We want you to wear your sport with pride.




Don't hold your breath and contemplate your next purchase of slides. 

Jukz has been here all along!