6 Sports Films from the 90's to Watch

September 01, 2016

Here's a list of 6 Sports Films from the 90's that you should watch ASAP.


1. HE GOT GAME (1998)

Directed by Spike Lee.  This film stars basketball legend Ray Allen in the title role.  The main aspect of the story deals with Jesus Shuttlesworth who has yet to commit to a college.  He's a high school basketball star with a lot of pressure adding up.  Denzel Washington is Jake Shuttlesworth (Jesus' Dad) and he gives one of my favorite performances as he must choose between what can free him from jail or what's best for his son. 




The Headlines read in 1956...

Rocky Marciano retires as world heavyweight champion.

Starring John Favreau and George C. Scott.  This tells of his life before and after boxing.  The fight sequences are decent, but nothing compared to Raging Bull.  The take-away from this film is the plot and the acting of Favreau and Scott.  Favreau brings a soft side to a man who was known for beating others senseless.





Starring Russell Crowe as a washed-up hockey player in Alaska that has a chance to help out an amateur ice hockey team.  They've gained attention through a Sports Illustrated article claiming that the local team can outplay a NHL team.  This catches the attention of the New York Rangers and a match is scheduled.  It's a nice and funny film (in a corny way).  The hockey sequences are well-done and if you're a Crowe fan - then this movie is perfect to watch.





Directed by Oliver Stone.   A action packed film that also packs a load of Hollywood royalty.  Al Pacino as the head coach of the Miami Sharks.  An aging quarterback played by Dennis Quaid is in competition with the new comer played by Jamie FoxxJames Woods and L.L. Cool J also star.  Cameron Diaz portrays the owner of the team and provides an ultimatum for the head coach... WIN OR ELSE.



5. THE FAN (1996)

Directed by Tony Scott.  Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes go head-to-head in this remake of the 1981 film by the same name.  De Niro is an obsessed fan and traveling salesman.  Wesley Snipes is Baseball Superstar Bobby Rayburn who has been acquired by the San Francisco Giants through a trade with the Atlanta Braves.  Rayburn falls into a slump when he and teammate Juan Primo (Benicio del Toro) don't see eye-to-eye.  De Niro takes the problem into his own hands and we see a common sight of a De Niro psychological thriller.  The aura screams "Taxi Driver" and "Cape Fear" -- both films directed by Scorsese.




6. ABOVE THE RIM (1994)

Starring Tupac Shakur and Duane Martin.  Urban basketball at it's best.  Tupac is the arch nemesis in the film (Birdie) and Duane as rising high school basketball star Kyle Watson.  Kyle must overcome the obstacles of the streets and claim loyalty to either his school or his new friends.  The plot and acting is superb; the music adds to the atmosphere while the supporting actors include Marlon Wayans and Bernie Mac.