Jukz: The Hot Product With Moms

July 30, 2014

Jukz Sports' innovative line of flip-flops and slides becomes extremely popular with moms. 


Jukz Sports gives fans the ability to wear their sport, as their flip-flops and slides are made from the same material found in sports balls. Recently, moms have fallen in love with this concept.

“Our products have been flying off the shelves, and we realized that about 80% of our customers are mothers,” said Jukz CEO, Johnny de la Valdene.

Jukz flip-flops and slides combine two things that moms love, sports and style. The unique design allows them to be extremely comfortable while they support their children’s athletic endeavors. Also, Jukz products are the perfect gift for a mom to give to her athletic child.

“The reflexology-inspired design of our flip-flops and slides guarantee quality, comfort, and great arch support,” said Jukz Creative Director, Kevin Puterbaugh,

Jukz are available to purchased on their website http://www.jukzshoes.com, but they’ve also begun to sell their products in stores, such as the Grand Prairie Air Hogs fan store at QuikTrip Park. At QuikTrip Park, moms, once again, have been the main customers buying Jukz products.

In addition to the shoes, Jukz Backpacks are a hit with moms. Each backpack features a giant zippered ball compartment for each sport. The basketball backpack, soccer backpack, and volleyball backpack are currently available for purchase for $29.95 on the JukzShoes.com website and are a back to school must have for the sports fanatic in your family.

Jukz Shoes is offering 25% off backpacks for the month of August with the coupon code: BACKTOSCHOOL