Fantasy Football Now Has Official Footwear

July 28, 2014

Jukz Sports becomes the official footwear of Fantasy Football and looks to give their products to Fantasy League champions. 


Jukz Sports, the company that has an innovative line of flip-flops and slides designed from the same material as sports balls, recently became the official footwear of Fantasy Football.

“Our football flip-flops and slides are perfect for Fantasy Football fans,” said Jukz

CEO, Johnny De La Valdene, “Fantasy Football allows fans to be apart of the game, and Jukz allows fans to wear the game, enhancing the fan experience.”

“I’m excited about wearing my Jukz football slides to my upcoming draft,” said avid Fantasy Football player, Louis Temples, “Not only will I be comfortable, but my commitment to football and the upcoming season will be evident to the rest of my league.”

With 27 million Fantasy Football players, the market for fantasy football is already huge and will only continue to grow. Players compete in multiple different leagues, with ESPN, CBS, and Yahoo Sports being the most popular.

Much preparation and research goes into drafting and managing a Fantasy Football team. In 2012, Fantasy Football participants spent $1.6 billion on products and services in the fantasy sports space, such as draft kits, magazines, online services, and premium content through DirecTV, NFL Red Zone, etc.

Jukz is excited about joining this huge market, as Valdene announced, “Jukz will be giving away over $10,000 of products to Fantasy League Champions.”

“As a league champion, I know how to pick a winner,” says Temples, “And without a doubt, these Jukz football products are certainly winners.”