Jukz is Giving Away Soccer Slides

July 07, 2014

A thousand soccer slides to be given away in support of the USA soccer team and its great fans.

For weeks, millions of Americans gave their full support and attention to the United States Mens National Soccer team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. While fans believed they would win, on Tuesday afternoon, USA lost narrowly to Belgium in the quarterfinals.

Jukz Sports, the company that has manufactured their own innovative line of sports flip-flops and slides, shared in the pride of watching the valiant US team compete.

"We thoroughly enjoyed watching the USA soccer team throughout the World Cup, and it was devastating to see them lose on Tuesday," said Jukz CEO, Johnny De La Valdene, "So we decided to do something to make USA soccer fans happy again."

Jukz announced that they will be giving away 1,000 pairs of their innovative, USA-made soccer slides.

"It was great to see how our nation really rallied behind our soccer team, " continued De La Valdene, "It made me proud to be an American, and it inspired me to want to give back to USAs dedicated fans."

"Our Jukz soccer slides are perfect for the avid USA soccer fan because they are made out of the same material as a soccer ball," said Jukz Creative Director, Kevin Puterbaugh,"It allows fans to truly wear their sport."

For more information on Jukz products and/or to order your own pair of free Jukz soccer slides, visit their website at http://www.jukzshoes.com.