Unique College Product Available Online

June 12, 2014

Jukz Sports, a company that uses the same material found in sports balls to manufacture their own creative line of sports flip flops, slides, backpacks, and hats, has extended their unique concept to colleges products.

Jukz Sports, with their innovative concept, is looking to take the college sports product market by storm.

“We are incredibly excited about the college licenses we’ve acquired with Notre Dame, SMU, Texas Tech, TCU, North Carolina State, University of Indiana, Kansas University, Kansas State University, and many more,” said Johnny De La Valdene, CEO of Jukz Sports.

“Jukz plans to sell flip flops, slides, backpacks, and hats for each school that we’ve licensed with, and these college products will also employ the Jukz concept of using the material found in sports balls,” added Kevin Puterbaugh, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Jukz.

Each college licensed by Jukz will have their own football and basketball flip flops, slides, backpacks, and hats, and most of the colleges will have baseball and soccer products, as well.

These college products are already beginning to catch on, as SMU football coach June Jones said, “I can’t wait to proudly wear my Jukz SMU football hat on the sidelines this upcoming fall.”

College fans can now support their teams with Jukz products, which are being made available on the company’s website, www.jukzshoes.com. The website just added TCU and SMU products and will soon release the rest of the college products.

“With the college baseball season coming to a conclusion and the college football season being right around the corner, Jukz college products are being released at the right time,” said De La Valdene, “And we really feel like these products are the perfect way to show support for your college team.”