Serial Entrepreneur Looking for the Next Big Thing

June 12, 2014

Dallas entrepreneur, Johnny De La Valdene, has turned many great ideas into successful products, and his success has only made him want more.

Johnny De La Valdene is a Dallas serial entrepreneur that knows a great idea when he sees one. With his connections and persistence, he has been able to take many great ideas from simply an idea to a successful product.

“I have heard thousand of pitches on products, with many of them being about TV show ideas. Some are crazy like the fire alarm for dogs, and some are great like Jukz Sports,” said De La Valdene, “I will take anyone’s calls and will try to meet in person, but all that I ask is to please check your idea with Google so that you know who your competition is.”

As he has started multiple companies, such as Marshmellow Fun Co. (Marshmellow Shooters), Chillin’ Games (Board Games), Big Headz Entertainment (Television Shows and Movies), ViB Holdings (Relaxation Drink), multiple service industries (Such as Juice Bars, 24-Hr Fitness, Restaurants, Bars, Etc.), and Jukz Sports (Sports Hat, Backpacks, and Flip-Flops), his office is known as the Shark Tank of Dallas.

“I have been very blessed with great opportunity in my business career,” said De La Valdene, “And I immensely enjoy helping make a great idea into a successful product. That process requires a lot of hard work, but it is certainly rewarding.”

Recently, he has seen his Marshmellow Shooters, a series of bows and shooters that launch marshmellows, achieve great success, and he looks to continue that success with their recently acquired partnerships with Duck Commander, Buck Commander, and Ghost-Busters.

“We met with Willy and Grant to license with Duck Commander and Buck Commander, and we were one of the first to talk to them about licensing a product with them,” commented De La Valdene, “And with Ghost-Busters, we met with Sony and made it happen.”

“Being able to talk to anyone is definitely an important asset for someone like me who is trying to make a product successful,” added De La Valdene, “You can’t be afraid to talk about your product because that’s how you open doors and create success.”

His ability to talk to anyone has brought him success with many of his products. For example, he was able to partner with Big Red owner and beverage-mogul, Gary Smith, and athletes, Jason Whitten, Amare Stoudemire, and Mike Modano, with De La Valdene’s Vacation in a Bottle (ViB) Relaxation Drink, the first relaxation drink in history.

“This was the most innovative product I’ve seen, and once I tried it and met with Johnny, I knew I had to partner with ViB,” said Smith.

De La Valdene is known for his ability to listen to an idea pitch and know whether that idea would make a successful product or not. He has done this with games, like Marshmellow Shooters, and drinks, like ViB Relaxation, and he’s also accomplished this with plenty of TV and movie productions. For example, he helped produce both the movie “Rain” in 2006 featuring Brooklyn Sudano and the MTV TV show “Bully Beatdown,” which he co-produced with acclaimed producer Mark Burnett.

Also, he recently co-produced Hornet’s Nest, a new movie about the U.S. troops fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan from the real perspective of two journalists.

The Hornet’s Nest has been described by Rotten Tomatoes, an acclaimed and highly critical movie-reviewing site, as “an intensely raw feature film experience that will give audiences a deeply emotional and authentic view of the heroism at the center of this gripping story.”

“The Afghanistan war documentary “The Hornet’s Nest” is a kinetic, immersive experience, particularly in its deeply felt human moments,” said Los Angeles Times writer, Gary Goldstein, who is one of the many big newspapers critic reviewers of the Hornet’s Nest.

“Out of all my movie and TV productions, Hornet’s Nest is the one that I’m most proud of,” said De La Valdene, “The story is so inspirational, something that everyone needs to see.”

Hornet’s Nest is another example of a successful project by De La Valdene. Yet, he refuses to stop there as he looks to make another great idea into a successful product.

“We achieved great success with Shatter Sports, the company with the concept of a ball that looks like it has gone halfway through the glass,” said De La Valdene, “However, that success was short-lived. With what we learned from selling 3 million units of Shatter Sports and the great new concept of Jukz, I am confident that my newest product, sports flip flops, slides, hats, and backpacks, will experience long-lasting success.”

He looks to mirror his recent Marshmellow Shooters and Hornet’s Nest success with his newest company, Jukz Sports. Jukz’ Creative Director, Kevin Puterbaugh, thought up the idea for Jukz, which uses the same material as sports balls to manufacture a creative line of slides, flip flops, backpacks, and hats. With the help of De La Valdene’s connections and persistence, Jukz looks to build off the original, great idea to become a successful product.

“One of my new products that I am really excited about is Jukz Sports,” said De La Valdene, “It is one of the most creative sports products that I’ve seen, and what makes it even more exciting is that you can now support your college team by wearing Jukz products, as we have acquired licenses with various schools.”

With a look at De La Valdene’s previous products, it is a safe bet to say that Jukz Sports will experience similar success.