Jukz Sports Making Waves

May 29, 2014

Jukz Sports is the new company that everyone is talking about. They designed their product using the same material found in sports balls to manufacture a creative line of sports flip-flops, slides, backpacks, and hats inspired by each sport. Their products have been described as both incredibly comfortable and extremely creative. Yet, the excitement of their products doesn’t stop there.

Now, you can support your college team while wearing a Jukz product, as the company has added licenses with SMU, Texas Tech, TCU, North Carolina State, University of Indiana, Kansas University, Kansas State University, and many more. College coaches across the United States have shown great interest in their teams getting their own Jukz products. The first coach to put on his team’s Jukz hat was SMU football coach, June Jones. Coach Jones wears it proudly, and fans everywhere will soon be able to buy their own Jukz college products online at www.jukzshoes.com and wear them with pride like Coach Jones.

To add to the excitement, Jukz recently announced that they will soon begin selling their own American-made sports bands. With these, you will be able to support both your favorite college and professional sports teams. The sports bands offer another way to show support for your team, while wearing the most innovative and exciting brand out there.

Jukz Sports has been coming to Dallas-Fort Worth area sports fans and looks to expand their reach to areas all around the United States. For instance, this past weekend at Ken Smith Memorial Day Soccer Tournament, they sold their products to many soccer players and fans and received a great amount of positive feedback. They also have fundraisers to show support and help raise money for church and youth sports teams. With this support, these teams have been able to buy more equipment, refreshments, and transportation. Moving forward, Jukz Sports looks to have more events and fundraisers similar to these in order to both sell and popularize their products at sports facilities, such as the Frisco Fieldhouse, and help support youth sports.

Don’t forget to go to www.jukzshoes.com and order your Jukz Sports products and/or set up a Jukz fundraising event!