Whether you are a sports person, athlete, or a sports fanatic, Jukz Shoes is an ultimate sports fan shop offering the most comfortable range of sports themed flip-flops, slides, backbcks, hats and a lot more. Our products made up of real sports material to allow sports fans to wear their sports.

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JUKZ Celebrates the #CWS!

Jukz has been a brand famous within Texas and the surrounding areas for years.  The College World Series represents the substance of America and what it means to be a sports fan in this current millennium.  With Texas Tech and TCU both in the spotlight -- this means extra coverage for Texas-based...

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Jukz: The Hot Product With Moms

Jukz Sports' innovative line of flip-flops and slides becomes extremely popular with moms.    Jukz Sports gives fans the ability to wear their sport, as their flip-flops and slides are made from the same material found in sports balls. Recently, moms have fallen in love with this concept. “Ou...